What is the AVACEN 100 and Single Point Treatment?

The AVACEN is a medical technique designed by AVACEN Medical. Simply put, it is a patented FDA cleared class II medical device that uses heat therapy technology. It utilizes both heat therapy and negative pressure to increase blood temperature in a unique vascular network in the palm. The name single point treatment comes from the treatment’s working principle, It increases blood temperature at a single point, which in turn increases temperature across the entire body through the circulatory system.

How do I use the AVACEN 100?

The AVACEN 100 is a reasonably straightforward device to use. All you need to do is place your hand into the device for the treatment to begin. The device will guide you throughout the process through detailed instructions presented on the screen. Depending on your treatment needs, the process will take between 10 to 30 minutes. By using the device’s default settings, you only need to press one button. What’s more, the device makes use of the body’s natural’s adaptations.

What is the AVACEN Treatment Method?

The fundamental working technology of the AVACEN treatment is heat and negative pressure. By utilizing the AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM), a microprocessor-controlled chamber surrounds the hand with mild negative pressure, increasing heat. This process increases blood volume in the palm’s unique vascular networks. The heat is transferred to the entire body through the circulatory system.

Can’t I just put my hand into some hot water?

Using warm water in place of the AVACEN 100 will not yield the same results. This is because the body has a natural thermoregulatory system that protects it from excess heat by vasoconstricting the vascular networks. The AVACEN 100 treatment uses negative pressure to open these networks and transfer heat.

Is the AVACEN 100 for me?

AVACEN 100 comes in handy if you have underlying issues that may present complications when you use conventional pain relievers. For instance, you may be pregnant, nursing, or have an insufficient response to pain relievers.

However, if you are under 18 years old, pregnant, have a body temperature greater than 99.5°F, have blood circulatory issues, or have a history of heart disease and any other medical concern, you should consult with a doctor before using AVACEN 100

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