Laser Treatment

Constant and repetitive hair removal procedures can become frustrating. Having to wax, shave, and pluck away at your smooth skin can sometimes be a tiresome affair. At Transformation Health & Wellness, you can get the Splendor X® laser treatment, which saves you from having to wax and shave on a daily basis. The procedure, which is overseen by Dr. Jacquelyn Sammons together with her team, is fast, effective and uses state-of-the-art technology for maximum results. Other than permanent hair removal, you also get skin rejuvenation benefits.

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Laser Treatments Q & A

What is Splendor X?

Splendor X, the latest player in the laser treatment industry, is one of the most effective hair removal procedures you can take advantage of today. Powered by Blend X®, the procedure combines optimal wavelengths for effective hair removal that will leave your skin looking even better. One of the most significant aspects of the treatment is that it uses a square-shaped laser that targets the skin at a specified point.

With Splendor X, you are guaranteed improved skin since it can treat vascular lesions such as spider veins and irregular pigmentation.

What are the benefits of Splendor X laser treatment?

Splendor X’s most significant advantage is that it is a universal treatment, meaning that it works for all skin types, even tanned ones. Furthermore, the sessions are faster with no downtime, and the results long-lasting. Lastly, the treatment sessions are comfortable, featuring a cooling system that cools your skin.

How many laser treatments do I need to see results?

You need multiple sessions because hair grows in cycles, and not all hair is in the same phase at a particular instance. However, with Splendor X, the sessions are shorter than other treatment plans because it uses the most effective wavelengths in a single device. This is in contrast to other devices that only utilize one wavelength. Dr. Jacquelyn Sammons will develop a custom hair removal schedule based on your hair type and density.

Do I need to schedule downtime after laser treatment?

Unlike other treatments, Splendor X has no downtime, meaning you can immediately get back to your daily schedule after treatment. You may notice some slight swelling and redness around the treated area, but this tends to subside quickly.

However, it is worth noting that your skin will be sensitive to the sun in the first weeks following treatment. Dr. Jacquelyn Sammons will give you specific guidelines to protect your skin.

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