Concierge Medical Services

There come situations where you require urgent medical attention. It may be due to the severity of your illness or other underlying issues. In such instances, you might be at a significant disadvantage when the doctor fails to tend to your condition immediately. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Then it’s time to sign up for concierge medical services at Transformation Health & Wellness. You get exclusive access to Dr. Jacquelyn Sammons, DO, a board-certified medical provider, by paying a monthly fee. You are at liberty to consult with her on any issues over text, email, phone, webcam, or physical visits.

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Prices and Packages

Concierge Medical Services Q & A

What are concierge medical services?

Concierge medical services often go by various names such as “retainer medicine” and “VIP medicine.” Regardless, the objective is almost always the same; to offer on-demand 24/7 medical services and bypass traditional healthcare barriers.

What are the advantages of concierge medical services?

Some of the most significant advantages you get from concierge medical services include:

Immediate appointments

The concierge medical package is designed to be as flexible as possible. At Transformational Health & Wellness, you get the required medical attention on the same or following day. You also get access to weekend appointments.

Personalized attention

When treating you, Dr. Jacquelyn Sammons takes the time to understand you as a person, your health concerns, and any underlying conditions you may have. This enables her to offer restorative and more beneficial treatments.

Longer visits

With concierge medical service at Transformational Health & Wellness, you get extended medical visits that ensure that all your underlying concerns are dealt with accordingly.

Telemedicine visits

You may lack time to make yourself available at the Orange county practice. In such instances, you can schedule a telemedicine consultation with Dr. Jacquelyn Sammons. She will then address all your issues from the comfort of your home or office.

Health coaching

With the concierge medical service at Transformational Health & Wellness, you can set long-term health goals and set up an action plan together with Dr. Jacquelyn Sammons.

Long-term cost savings

With the concierge medical package, you may save a significant amount on medical bills. By getting access to prompt medical assistance, you may not have to go to the emergency room. This way, you develop a faster plan to recover and shorten your symptoms’ duration and severity.

Are concierge medical services expensive?

Rest assured, at Transformational Health & Wellness, we have a concierge medical pricing plan suited to your needs and budget. You are at liberty to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Office visits are available at a 50% discount, and you also get to save an additional 10% on other products.

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